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Subject: DEAR DCTA: Why the Denton Transit Agency Fiscal Train Wreck? Why the suppression of public comment?


Dear Board Members of The Denton County Transit Authority as listed (below),



Skip Kalb (small cities):, Connie White (small cities):, Richard Huckaby (Secretary, Denton):, Diane Costa (Highland Village):, Charles Emery Chairman, Lewisville):, Tom Winterburn (Corinth):, Mark Miller (Flower Mound):, Carter Wilson (Frisco):, Allen Harris (The Colony):, George. A Campbell (Denton County):, Don Hartman (Denton County):, Dave Kovatch (Treasurer, Denton County):


As a resident of Highland Village, TX, the recent (see below) article from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s Ross Kecseg about DCTA’s drain on the taxpayers and lack of public input is particularly concerning, because Highland Village, my home, is one of three cities that bear the bulk of financial burden for funding DCTA. 


In particular, several things stood out in the (see below) article that are concerning:


  1. The fact that Lewisville, Highland Village, and Denton fund 100% of the DCTA but only control 22% of it’s board.  Who made that deal?
  2. The fact that ridership is down from 2013 even though Denton County is one of the five fastest growing counties in the U.S.  Why is ridership down?  Who is responsible?
  3. The fact that DCTA is not profitable, on a per rider basis, it is losing much more money than it’s peers in the public train sector, which is notorious for losing money in general.  Why is this?
  4. The fact that public comment is limited to only three minutes, once per year.  This smacks of taxation without representation.  Why is this? 


Please see link to the article (below) and please see my comment below article link.



Being that public comments about the alarming state of affairs at DCTA are being limited to three minutes once a year, I am hoping and expecting a thorough reply to this email. 


Anything less would be extremely disappointing. 




Brady Whatley, CPA

Highland Village, TX 75077


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