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Miss Heidi's Musikgarten is celebrating 20 years of early childhood education this fall!  Come join us!
Of all the choices in our area, MUSIC has so many more lasting benefits!  Why not enroll in a music class this fall and plant seeds that will grow for a lifetime!

What is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with success in many diverse fields?  According to a recent article from the New York Times, 10/12/13, high achievers say music has sharpened them in areas of collaboration, creativity, discipline and the capacity to reconcile conflicting ideas, among many other findings.  Music may not necessarily make you a genius, or rich, or even a better person, but it helps train you to think differently, to process different points of view, and most important, to take pleasure in listening.  Click HERE for the entire article based on the book "Strings Attached:  One Tough Teacher and the Gift of Great Expectations" by Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky.  
Research shows there is no longer any doubt that there is a significant link between  early music instruction and cognitive growth in certain other non-musical abilities, such as math, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning.
In fact, studies focused specifically on music for young children even suggest that
these cognitive gains increase according to the number years that students engage
in active music learning, and even that the younger children are when they begin,
the greater the gains will be!

We believe Musikgarten has no equal.
Our early childhood program is expertly researched, planned, executed, and supported.
Miss Heidi enjoys her studio and families.
Families just love coming to Miss Heidi's Musikgarten!

Register online at or call Miss Heidi at 972-754-0853.  Classes held inside Excite Gym in Highland Village, Yogi Kids in Flower Mound and the Highland Village home studio.  See class schedule on the website for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age, even piano classes.  Read about Musikgarten's purpose and history.   Classes start the week of Labor Day, don't delay! 

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